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Orphan Foals
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Upcoming artist

I'd like to dedicate this page to Lisa Derrickson. I "met" Lisa through her mother Judy. Judy & I were internet penpals and she would share with me Lisa's latest works of art.
I contacted Lisa with the idea of having her paint me 3 paintings. The first two would be head/shoulder paintings of Bud & Comet. The final and largest painting will be of the two foals laying down together. She has sent me Bud's portrait (a digital image since it is an oil painting and not dry yet). When she send Comet's portrait I will add it here. I am also putting a clickable link to email Lisa if you would like to contact her for your artwork needs.

Email Lisa by clicking this link


This is a portrait Lisa did of their Great Pyrennees pup. It was upon seeing this painting that I contacted Lisa about doing the three I had in my mind of the foals.


This is Bud's portrait. Note the mischievous look in his eyes. She caught it perfectly although I had NOT mentioned anything about it when I asked her to do the painting.


Here is the beautiful portrait done by Lisa of Comet. I told her as I did with Bud's that it was a job well done indeed!