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Orphan Foals
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Sassy belonged to Jennifer Goodman. This is her memorial page.
When we first went and picked up Miss Sassy, she was really shy of humans. She didn't want us to touch her love on her nothing. She would even turn and kick at us to make us go away. They learn so fast, about a week after we got her, if she would act like she was going to kick me, I would walk out, with her milk in tow. I would stand there till she decided she wanted to play nice. She would run circles in her stall trying to get her milk. When she calmed down, I would take her milk to her, she was happy. 
The little girl was never scared of anything or anyone by the time she was 2 months old. She loved everyone who came around. I think she thought my son, Marcus, was another foal. They actually played together out there in the field. Would run, dodge each other, then set down and rest, together.
The kitten, Lovey, she was the runt of her litter of 4, I guess I always favored her over the others because of her size. When I would go into the stall to take care of Sassy, Lovey was right on my heels, there to help me take care of her. When Lovey was about 2 months old, she got to climbing on Sassy when she would lay down. She would fall asleep on her back, I think to stay warm, but Sassy never minded Lovey, at all. They became the best of stall buddies there.
Sassy took up with our mustang mare, PG. She never once tried to harm Sassy, she would actually follow her and clean her like her mother would do. It was funny to watch them out there. They ran, kicked, bucked, and acted silly most of the day.
Sadly when Sassy was almost 5 months old, she coliced. We lost our precious girl. She will always be in our hearts here. I never seen a little one touch so many hearts and souls. She is sadly missed by our whole family here.


Sleeping with my kitten!


This was the picture Casey Creek had on the website that stole my mommy's heart.


This is me right after I came home from Casey Creek.


Here I am at 4 months old. My goodness haven't I grown?


This is Marcus, my human "brother". He is 15 & I am 2 months old in this picture. We loved to play together.


I am 5 months old here. I try to earn my keep by helping Mom clean my stall out. I'm such a good helper.


I just love the smell of fresh shavings. But being the baby I am, I never kept them clean for very long. (Sorry Mom)

You are loved and sadly missed.