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Orphan Foals
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Pippin was foaled March 12, 2005. He came to live at Casey Creek Horse Rescue until Dorothy picked him to be the foal she would adopt. This page is made in his memory. His story is below.


Pippin Took was an orphaned QH/mix foal that we got through Casey Creek Foal Adoptions. We brought him home and he stole our hearts with his spunk and spirit.  Pippin lived to be six months old.  He died one night while in his stall.  He had been sticking his head through the bars of a standard horse gate.  No amount of discouragement would stop him.  We had company coming and my husband said he'd put something over the gate when he got back from work & for me to tend to our guests.  That very night he stuck his head through the gate and thought he could not get it out and freaked out.  He was dead when my oldest daughter went out to the stall to take him his morning milk. It was very sudden but we were enriched by the time we had with him.  He was very sweet and I was able to let him nap with his head on my lap.  We miss him deeply and wanted to honor him with this rememberance.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Werner, Pamela, and her brother for dropping everything on a HOT Saturday morning to come help this teary-eyed horse-owner.  Werner brought his back-hoe and things were taken care of quickly.  They wouldn't take any payment either, so I would like to pay them with this recognition and my deepest thanks.
I would also like to thank Pamela's mother for helping with the communication during such a stressful time.
It is nice to know there are still "good people" around in this world!