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Orphan Foals
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You can help

Even if you aren't in the position to adopt a foal, there are ways you can help. Here are some things that will raise money for Casey Creek Foal Rescue:

  1. This one is primarily for horse owners. If you purchase certain feeds, (particularly from Southern States) you can save the proofs of purchase and send them to Casey Creek. They in turn, "cash" them in for vouchers they use on foal milk replacer. I do not have a full comprehensive list, but I do know that Reliant  and Triple Crown proofs are accepted. If you intend to do this I would suggest that you email Jeannie to make sure that they will be able to use your proofs.
  2. Monetary donations can be made to Casey Creek, as well as supplies needed to care for the foals. Some items might include halters, lead lines, buckets, milk replacer, etc. Email Jeannie about any thing specific they might need.
  3. Terri has offered to make cross stitch patterns from a photo of your choice with a $20 donation to Casey Creek. You will get the photo returned to you unharmed as well as the pattern and key telling you the DMC colors to make your cross stitch project. I do not know the cost, but she has said that if a person requests it, she will make a complete kit up for the pattern.
  4. Another "FoalRescue" member has come up with a way for her daughter to earn some money and give to Casey Creek as well. Allison's daughter Kim is an artist. When you contact Allison, you will be instructed to send a picture to them. Kim will draw you the picture. Allison will then email you and show you how the art work turned out. If you like it, you pay $25 and they donate $10 to Casey Creek. If you don't like it, you tell them what it is you don't like and Kim goes back to work to fix it. I have contacted Allison about putting up one of Kim's works along with the original image sent to them. If she is agreeable, I will add this soon.
Below I will put email links for Jeannie, Terri & Allison.Email them directly with your requests.

Email Jeannie about accepted proofs of purchase or other donations

Email Terri about the patterns

Email Allison about the artwork