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Orphan Foals
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Lori adopted 6 Casey Creek foals (2 last year and 4 this year). Emily belongs to Lori, and is full quarter horse. Here is her story.

Miss Emily was named after my niece who is 6 years old. When we got our 2004 orphans from Casey Creek she thought they were the best thing she had ever seen. Her parents do not have a place to keep a horse for her so I got Miss Emily for her but keep and care for her at my house.


Miss Emily was foaled on March 4, 2005 the same day that my daughter turned 18. She was adopted from Casey Creek Horse Rescue along with Wilbur, Snookems and Dakota.


From the first day she was in charge of her brothers. She takes her role very seriously and keeps a close watch on them. She is not aggressive just very confident and a born leader.


She has a very curious nature and loves to run. Her legs are long and when she kicks up her heals she can really fly.


At first, I was not sure how warm her personality would ever be. Compared to the others she was skittish and although she did not act afraid of us she acted more like she did not want to be bothered and preferred to keep her distance. Well, that fašade disappeared pretty fast and she was the first one who would approach me for love and when her brothers saw the attention she was getting as usual they followed her. Except Dakota but that is a different story.


Emily is really a beautiful little girl. She is very feminine a real girly girl. When the boys come in for dinner all muddy and dirty she is still clean and pretty.  She is warm and loving and I can not wait until she is big enough to ride because I think she will be a lot of fun with her spirit and grace.


I do not think I could make it through a day without a hug from little Miss Emily.


Checking out my new home.


Ahhhhh mom, I don't need a bath!


Come on guys, the 2 leggeds have FOOD!


Hey mom give me some food. Can't you see I'm wasting away to nothing?