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Orphan Foals
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Patrick & Louie

Patrick & Louie belong to Linda. Here is their story.
Screwy Louie n Patrick are my 50th birthday gift. My husband bought them for me as a gift and a bribe. If we "wouldn't" go on vacation this year...he would buy me a nurse farm rescue foal.
We initially went to Last Chance Corral, Athens Ohio to adopt one foal. I knew I wanted a Belgian mixed colt. When we got there Slouie and "Bubba" were already buddies. Bubba's name changed later to Patrick. He was born the week of St. Patrick's Day. Much to my surprise my husband adopted Slouie as well. Screwy Louie got his name due to his screwy blaze.
They were a week old when we bought them home. They acclimated well to their new surroundings. Duke (my Belgian) took over the nurse mare role in protecting the babies from the horse(s) Gizmo at first then Marty. Louie walked out of the trailer with no problem. Ron had to carry Patrick to the stall.
I only had one real scare. A vet suggested I worm them at 1 month old. Louie got bad diarrhea. I spent the night in the barn in a sleeping bag in Louie's stall. I thought for sure he was going to die. I gave Slouie alternating pepto bismal and kaopectate after every watery stool. In the AM I gave a shot of PCN in case infection did set in. It was a loooonnng night. He had charcoal and yogurt for days afterwards. When my friend came over, I went into hysterics. She calmed me down and helped me clean him up. Since then Slouie thinks he's my lap colt. I guess since I spent the night in his stall he thought I should be able to hold him. Since that scary episode Slouie n Patrick have been growing like weeds. Slouie is almost 14-2 HH.

Pictures soon to follow! Thank you for your patience.


Patrick & Louie as young foals.


Happy to be alive and playing in snow! Louie is playing insnow while Patrick seems to think it's too cold for playing.


Duke is our watch horse! He thinks we belong to him, so he makes sure we are staying out of trouble which is a hard thing to do when you are a young foal.