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Orphan Foals
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Wilbur is another 2005 Casey Creek foal, belonging to Lori.

Wilbur was foaled on February 27, 2005. A Quarterhorse/Belgin mix, he was adopted

from Casey Creek Horse Rescue along with two brothers and a sister. (Not biological siblings)


Wilbur is a Palomino in color and a very handsome young man. He has the sweetest and gentlest, most trusting personality of any of the foals this year.


He is always right there ready and waiting for a hug or to offer a wet kiss or even a little nibble if he is in the mood.


He likes to help and if you forget to close the tack room door he will just follow you right up the stairs!


He does not seem to be afraid of much including noises or rapid movement. He is pretty easy going but does get rambunctous now and then especially right after a bath.


 He is going to be a big boy so we started early working with some basic ground training. He goes through the obstacle course like a champ and does not hesitate on the little jump at the end. When I lounge him he seems to get the idea and goes along with it at least until he gets bored and then he just stops and looks at you with an expression of….ok whets next?


Unfortunately he has an umbilical hernia that will have to be fixed at some point. The vet keeps an eye on it and says that as long as there is no trouble with it we will wait until he is a year old.


Wilbur has definitely added a lot to our family and we love him dearly.


Aren't I cute?


Time for some luvin'!!!!!


My mom made me these rhythm beads and "pretties" for my mane. Isn't she clever?


I am being lead around by a very small girl. Oh but what a good boy I was.