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Orphan Foals
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I’m Alex. I think that’s short for something. It is hard to say. At least once a day mom calls me something other than Alex so I am pretty sure I have at least two names. Probably more.
My brother and I were rescued by Casey Creek in the spring of 2004. We are going to be 2 years old in a few months. I guess that means we are not really kids anymore. My brother Christopher is kind of shy. But we hang out together most of the time. I am the smarter of the two of us. I know how to get stuff we want. While Christopher takes all day trying to look cute so he can get a treat, I just push my way into the barn find a treat for myself. Sometimes I let him have one too. It takes too much time trying to act all cute for mom. She loves us both the same but she says I am more of a handful I guess I am just not a fraidy horse like Christopher. Besides, I have figured out what two legged’s want. They don’t really want a nice quiet horsie. They want someone who can think for himself and knows what he wants and how to get it. They just pretend to be upset by that kind of behavior. I have it figured out. I am a smart boy.
Anyway, I have to go now because these new babies mom got this year are out here in the pasture for no good reason. I have been kind bored today so I need to go chase them and make them act all afraid of me. I laugh when they act like that. Its fun. It sure was nice of mom to get them to entertain us. I will have to try and remember to thank her for that the next time she catches me sneaking into the tack room to steal some treats.


Aren't I becoming a big boy?


My brother Christopher & me when we were younger. "I'm the husky one!"


My first Halloween!


Me and my brother getting a bath. We look awfully pathetic all soaking wet.


This picture is of me, Chris and our adopted grandpa. We affectionately call him Papa.