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Orphan Foals
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Dudley is Lori's 4th 2005 Casey Creek foal. He is a Belgian/Saddle cross.

Dudley was foaled on March 16, 2005. He was adopted from Casey Creek Horse Rescue along with two brothers and a sister.


He was initially named Snookems but we changed that to Dudley once his personality started showing. For some reason we all agreed that he just looked and acted like a Dudley. Whatever that means. J


He is the class clown. No question about that. He is goofy and fun. He is always into something and when caught he has that instant *busted* look on his face. Good thing he is so cute. It is impossible to get mad at him.


He is a follower. He goes along with whatever the other horses think is the thing to do at the time. If they are all lovey and looking for attention then Dudley is right in there with them. If they are all being cranky and stand offish then Dudley just hangs back with them and puts on the big shot face.


He loves yogurt! He was a sick boy for awhile when he first came here and on a lot of antibiotics. I stared giving him yogurt because I was worried about the effect of so many antibiotics. He eats it from a spoon and loves peach! He will eat about any flavor but when you offer him peach he goes from taking nice licks from a spoon to wanting to inhale it. In fact now when I do give him peach I use a large syringe (minus the needle) to let him just suck from it. He knows when he sees the container and starts dancing around.


Dudley is a Belgian mix like his brother Wilbur. He will also be a big boy.


I am thinking he will also be a jumper. When he was 3 months old he cleared a 4 foot chain link fence with only about 10ft lead space. If I had not seen it with my own eyes I would not have believed it. The fence was several inches taller than him!


We enjoy him a lot. He definitely keeps us very busy.


Checking out my new stall. I think it's great!


I don't mind pictures at all. I'm not in the least a shy foal!


Hey mom what is that strange thing in your hand? I'll sniff and see if it smells good.


Boy lots of neat things to see when I go on walks.