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Women and Youth Hunters
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Hunt PA

Hi, I'm Ivan and I'm 12 yrs. old. I like to hunt with a muzzleloader. I hunt ringnecks, deer, and dove. The other day I went to the hunting club that me and my dad belong to. There were plenty of ringnecks after wading in the knee high plants in the field. I saw 1 but I heard a shot and it land. It didn't look like it was shot so me and my dad walked over to the edge of the field that was bordered by woods. He went into the woods to see if we could get it to fly in my direction so that I could shoot it. Then I found it lying there on the ground. So my dad held it until the other hunters could come and get it. Then I saw two hens coming across the field. They split apart so that one was on my right and the other on my left. I shot at the one on my left and missed. Then I fired two shots at the one on my right and hit it with the second. We went over and picked up the one I had shot. Then the other hunters in the middle of the field were signaling for us to come over there. When we got there I said that we have one of your birds. He said that he didn't shoot at that bird so we kept it. Then he pointed at his dog and said that there was 1 ringneck there and that we could shoot it if we wanted to. I said no because the limit is 2 birds and I already had 2.

ivan herenchak-jones


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