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Women and Youth Hunters
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Story submitted by Randy Dunn


Here are some photos of my stepson Corey's (17 years of age) Bucks he took during the 2002 big game season. All in all he took 1 buck and 2 doe with the bow and a nice buck with the shotgun.

The one on the left he took up the road on a neighbors lot in a thicket that divides 2, 90 acre fields an connects 2, 200 acre woods, a natural "hot spot" for deer to pass through. The landowner only allows Corey to hunt there, (via summer help) and only with a bow. This was his first Buck with a bow. After the shot he called me from the tree, with a walkie-talkie, shouting, "oh my God, Randy are you there, I just shot a big one, randy are you there?"

After he stopped to see if I was there, I talked him into calming down, lowering his bow, and after a few min, to climb down and sit by the bottom of his tree and wait for me to come up (about a half mile up the road). So I grabbed my coat and a flashlight and headed up the road, When I got there He was standing out in the field with his arms up in the air in a "victory stance", I could see his grin from the road. He bagged a nice 7-point,
His first buck with a Bow.

The right hand buck was taken on Thanksgiving Day, we had Corey hunting up the road because he was having good luck there, and that gave us more "room" down on our property.
But on Thanksgiving Day, he asked if he could hunt with us and use his new shotgun he worked for during the summer. So after 2 big meals, we returned home with about 1 hour of daylight and headed out.

I made it just past the back yard, (too much turkey) and told Corey to go to the other side of the field and to sit down under a tree on the edge of the woods, we were waiting for deer to come out of the woods and park to feed in our wheat field. They did. 1 large doe running like mad from a monster buck, I drew up and followed the running buck until I saw I was swinging towards Corey's position, and pulled up, after he ran by, and to Corey's side of the field, the doe looked like she winded Corey and came to a full stop, so did the buck.

Corey stepped out from under his tree, dropped to one knee, and took one shot. His mother and I freaked out more than him due to its size, and rack,, he hadn't spent the last 25 years trying to bag a buck like that.

Anyway we're real proud of our son. We had to ask him to "back off" after this deer so we could put some meat in the almost full freezer (this was his 4th deer this year). Nice hunting Corey!

(Corey's Buck made the NYS Big buck clubs record book!)