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Women and Youth Hunters
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Kenneth-Dream Hunt

Kenneth was the 28th recipient for a hunting trip provided by Hunt of a Lifetime.

Hunt of a Lifetime

Dear Hunt of a Lifetime and sponsors,


          Thank you so much. The hunt you set me up with was more than I could ever have dreamed of. I never thought I could get to do it. You people are the most wonderful in the world. It was not just the hunt, it was everything; the rifle, the place and all the people, everything. Flying over there was a new experience, I've never flown in an airline jet before. I got to see Lake Michigan and stopped in Minnesota. Seeing creeks and mountains from the air was the best.

          When I got there I met the nice people. It was so cool that they let me stay in their house for 3 days. Right when I got to the house we went to shoot the rifle. We even stopped at the Crazy Horse Memorial on the way. We went to the Dr.'s new ranch to shoot the rifle. His new ranch is 2 hours from his house we were staying at so we got there late and immediately went to bed. I woke up around 5:30 a.m. cause I was so excited. We got out hunting and saw some bulls but could not get a shot off so we circled around them and didn't see any, and boy it was hard work. Don't let anyone tell you  elk hunting is easy. So we followed some logging roads and went up on a place called whitetail ridge. When we got up there we heard some elk and then saw some. We started towards  then and they ran. Six nice bulls were in the herd that ran so we got off whitetail ridge.

          So we got on one of the logging roads again and all of the sudden we saw 10 bulls on the ridge so we got ready and they started running towards us and we waited for the perfect shot and I got it. I dropped a four year old 875 pound elk with one shot. Thanks to you guys I got an 875 pound 6x5 bull elk. It couldn't have been better. After that we went and saw Mount Rushmore, ate and had fun. Thank you guys so much for what you gave me and I hope you can do the same thing for some other kids. I've gotten everything I've wanted. Oh yeh, I got to see so much wildlife there too. I got to see mule deer, whitetail deer, turkey, coyote, bald eagles, bighorn sheep, etc. I hope what you did for me you can also do for someone else. You gave me everything. Most of all you gave me memories. Thank you.