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Women and Youth Hunters
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Eli's Dream Hunt

This hunt was Hunt of a Lifetime's 6th "wish". Congratulations Eli!

Hunt of a Lifetime

We would like to thank you so much for making possible the whitetail hunt in Alabama for Eli & his brother Sean through Hunt of a Lifetime. Thanks to you both boys had the opportunity to spend time together and enjoy a great hunt. Eli bagged a 190 lb. seven point and Sean got a big doe. Buckmasters will mount Eli's buck and mail it to him. They will give the meat to some needy folks.


The accommodations were great. Jeff Foxworthy signed autographs and talked with the boys. The gifts provided by Buckmasters were generous and very much appreciated. Tina, would you please provide us with the names and addresses of the people at Cabelas and Buckmasters so we can send them thank you notes for their generosity.


Overall we feel the your organization does a great service and provides a wonderful opportunity to youngsters who have life threatening illnesses. This trip was definitely a wonderful experience for Eli and SeanTHANK YOU!