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Women and Youth Hunters
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Strut's Deer

First a little background. This is my friend Elaine. We have known each other for about 3 yrs. now. Although we have never met face to face, we have become good friends. I do hope it's in the Lord's will that someday we do get the chance to meet face to face as I really admire her. Here is her story.



I went out around 1:00 PM the second Saturday of hunting season. Dropped my 'stuff' where I'd decided to set up and went on to the other side of the property to check some scrapes I'd been watching. The scrapes were untouched. So I went back to the spot Id picked to hunt from Today and set up on the ground.


I was on the side of a hardwood hill about 2/3 way up sitting against a large oak. From there I could see left and right, down the hill, into the grassy area at the bottom, the creek beside the grassy area, and the wheat hill on the other side (where they've been bedding) Theres a good bit of cover on the hill....brush, briars, and a few small oaks and maples that still have some leaves.


I got settled in about 2:30. The wind was blowing in my face and it was getting colder fast. Before long my fingers got numb, toes got numb....butt got numb. My nose was frozen and drippy, and I was getting more miserable by the minute.


I looked at my watch: 4:00. They should be moving any minute. I decided I'd sit until 4:30 and then move down the hill while I could still see enough to pick my way down through the rocks, vines and sink holes. Then Id sit by a stump that was close to the clearing until pitch dark.


At 4:30 I still had not heard or seen anything except wind and the leaves hitting the ground. I got up, strapped my seat cushion around my waist, put my rifle on my shoulder and picked up my backpack....I was doing all this somewhat behind the tree. I looked down the hill and started to step forward.....I froze! There was a deer on the other side of the creek about 150 yards down looking RIGHT at me! HOLY CRAP!!!!! I looked at the deer. No antlers. Oh well, the wall hanger would have to wait. I'm going for it!


I kinda leaned against the tree and tried to stay still and calm. Calm? Yeah RIGHT!!!

I'm thinking I can do this I can do this!!! Very slowly, I lowered the backpack to the ground against the tree, slid my left hand over to the shoulder strap and lifted my gun very carefully getting it into position with as little movement as I could muster. Got the gun up...the deer is still there and doesn't seem spooked at all.


I took the safety off and looked through the scope. My heart was pounding in my ears and I could NOT hold still. I was shaking so bad I couldn't have hit the side of the hill! Then I started talking to myself...OK ELAINE....calm down, deep breaths...take it easy.deep breaths! You cant shoot it THIS way!


The deer is still there (between two small trees) unbelievable! I'm starting to think someone has planted a darn decoy!


I got myself semi-calm (down to a slower vibration speed) and got the deer in the scope...then it moved a bit and presented an even better shot. I put the crosshairs right behind the left shoulder, I took another breath, exhaled slowly ...pulled the trigger. It went down!




I'm standing there on jello-like knees watching and thinking PLEASE DONT RUN. It got up and ran....only about 50 yards up creek....fell again and slid head first into the creek. I stood in place and watched. If it got up again, I was AT LEAST gonna know which direction it went in. No problem. It didn't move again


I was hunting at a farm owned by my friend Cindy. The only one home was her 16 yr-old daughter Kim, who I'd left a radio with.. I keyed her up and told her I had one down. She said, Im coming with the tractor!!!


She brought the tractor out right up the creek bank, and the two of us dragged the deer out of the creek and into the bucket shovel. Back at the house, a neighbor came over and helped me field dress it. I did the telecheck duties, did show and tell, and took it to the processor to be made into many good suppers.


The excitement hit me while it was still in the creek...but I had no one to yell to. (A hazard of hunting alone). What the HECK! I let out a rebel whoop anyway!