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Women and Youth Hunters
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Windsong Ranch

The Power Comes From Within

Windsong Ranch

A light frost was on the grassy trail, crunching ever so softly beneath us. As we made our way through the hardwoods, we could see the gray of dawn approaching. Cautiously, we approached the blind and slipped silently within it confines. The chill within the blind was matched by the excitement in the air. As the sun began its journey cresting the horizon, we could faintly make out shadows on the pond, slipping quietly through the still waters. When the sun painted the sky bringing forth the days array of colors, other shadows filtered along the shoreline, silhouetted against the water, land and sunrise. A nice doe with twins followed by a smallish 8 point buck. Grazing along the path, they were oblivious to our being there. As they passed out of sight, we whispered softly to each other, yet with excitement in our voices. Fourteen year old Josh had just seen his first deer ever, and for a fleeting moment, forgot.

Forgot about the evil that was growing daily within his brain. Forgot just for a moment, that his life would be taken from him shortly. Josh had brain cancer, and had only a year to live.

Raising from the blind, we took the trail north. At a clearing in the woods stood a log structure. Opening the door, we entered into a world of nature. Josh spent an hour in there, asking questions about all he was discovering within the centers walls. We were going to be late, so I told Josh we would return later in the day. We walked silently through the woods, taking in the beauty. Arriving back at the lodge, Joshs Parents greeted us. As Josh told of his mornings adventures, you could sense the excitement in his voice. You could literally feel his energy level increase. Josh was ready now.

Ready to go into his therapy treatment. Ready to follow that up with counseling from his surgeon and staff. Josh and his family, joined by the volunteer medical staff took up residence in the great room of the lodge. Fire blazing in the large stone fireplace, sunlight filtering in through the skylights. This was the setting where they did battle with the evil that wreaked havoc on Joshs body. This was not the sterile, impersonal environment of a hospital room, with its stark, unyielding walls surrounding them. They were in a totally different environment. One that provided the foundation needed for the war that was waging. A comfortable, natural atmosphere was within the log walls, and the family became keenly aware of what the doctors were saying. They opened up more, and began to understand more about Joshs condition. They began to deal with it, and prepare themselves to help Josh. After an hour, it was again time.

Time for the whole family to head out. Not for the long, quiet drive home through heavy traffic. They headed for the corral, where horses were saddled and waiting. Stirrups adjusted, lunches tucked away in the saddlebags and canteens around the saddle horns. As they rode through the woods with no particular destination in mind, they talked. Talked as a family often does, sharing thoughts and making light of Dads obvious lack of horsemanship skills. An hour later, they came upon a clearing. One familiar to Josh, as it was the Nature Center where he had been that morning. The whole family spent time going through it, sharing each display. Then, taking a break, they went to the picnic pavilion, saddlebags over their shoulders and shared a lunch together.

This is just a sample of a typical day at Windsong Ranch. It is here that they can do any outdoor related activity, together as a family unit. It is also here that the child will be able to receive ongoing medical treatment.

Literally millions of children are stricken each year with debilitating conditions and terminal illnesses. One of the most critical time frames for these children is right after diagnosis / treatment. This time frame is the foundation of Windsong Ranch. We will be here to help bring semblance, courage and strength back to the family by providing an arena based on faith, guidance, and most importantly heart. We will be here to provide a respite for children with life threatening illnesses and their families who are facing the emotional, physical, and financial burdens of severe illnesses with support and resources. Windsong Ranch will offer workshops, professional counseling, onsite medical support and recreational activities at no charge to the families.

Since its inception, Windsong Ranch has been avidly supported by bowhunters across the land. Whether we were helping a child that had fallen from a treestand and paralyzed, working with Benefit4Kids Outdoor Wish Program getting kids on their hunt of a lifetime or trying to raise funds to build the first ranch, bowhunters have been there for us. Currently, we are even revising the layout of the ranch to be able to accommodate childrens groups in a special area. Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4H groups and more will be able to utilize areas of the ranch. Camping trips, educational field trips and more will be available to these organizations.

Now more than ever, bowhunters have stepped up to the plate to help. With the current Ultimate Sportsmens Raffle going on, sparked by a group of bowhunters, we hope to finally bring Windsong Ranch up to its full potential. Bowhunters helping children. Bowhunters helping our future. The power does indeed come from within.

For more information on the Ultimate Sportsmens Raffle, log on to If you would like more information about Windsong Ranch, or wish to help contact President Bill Wooster at 440-563-5103 or you can email to Be sure to visit our booth at the Ohio Bow hunters Association Annual Banquet/Show.

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