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Women and Youth Hunters
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Corey's Deer

Hunt PA

My name is Corey Staples and I am 12 years old, I live in Adams County PA. I took my hunters safety course in the summer and starting shooting my bow. And by the first day you can tell I was ready.


My grandfather had been seeing deer in his backyard for a while, and my dad and I put up a treestand down wind of the opening they were using. On oct. 5 my dad and I got up and went out early in the morning and didn't see anything so we went home and got some lunch and went back out that evening, I sat in the portable where I said we put it and my dad sat at about 200 yds away behind me, and my uncle "deershed' sat at 100 yds. directly to my left. At about 6:45 I saw the legs come out of the woods ahead of me about 200 yds and I watched them eat apples off the apples trees for about 5 minutes, then before you know it there were two amazing bucks standing only about 25 yards from me. They stopped and I drew back and hit the six point under the lungs and they ran over to my uncle "deershed" and he saw my six point drop in the corn.

Corey Staples

(Webmaster's note: Thanks to "Uncle deershed for bringing this youth hunter to my attention!)