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Women and Youth Hunters
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Hunt America

This was my second year to deer hunt, my first year was with my father, who was a little upset with me at missing a deer. And never took me deer hunting again after that. Until my husband killed his first deer, and I decided to take another go at it. So my husband gets me the gun for Christmas last year. And we spent most of the year preparing for the hunt, something that my father never did. The first day of the first shotgun season for the year was productive but not successful, I missed a large doe at about 45yards off. But I was alone and very nervous, so I ended up calling it a day for that day. The rest of that season was not productive at all. I saw alot of deer but they were a long distance off, or running full bore the opposite direction that I was going. And my husband has always told me it is better to make sure that you hit and kill, a deer than wound it and let it suffer. Although my husband did come with me during the first season. He was going to attempt to call in a buck for me, but instead he ended up falling to sleep and snoring. Which he would say that, that was his all-natual deer grunting call. But I think it scared more deer away than called any deer in. The second season came with a big disappointment, for I only had one day to hunt, because where I work messed up on the schedule. But the second day the one day to hunt my cousin Jeff went with me. He really knew what he was doing he looked at everthing around him. He said when you are out there where you are going to hunt, you need to see the spot that says sit here. And he was right we where sitting in a very deep ravine, with several heavily traveled deer trails going in and out of it. On one side of the ravine toward the top is where the bucks had been leaving alot of sign. And had been bedding down waiting for the does to come in to the ravine. So we sat to the bottom of the ravine next to a tree. With a small stream just to the south of where I was sitting. About an hour and a half into the hunt, we heard a shot up on top of the revine and it was my brother shooting a a large buck, in the corn field. We thought that maybe it would have pushed it down to us considering that he missed it. But we never saw the buck. Another two hours went by, and we heard some more shots to the south, and we saw several deer up on the other side of us on top of the revine. They would come into play later. We waited for about thirty minuted more.


And one of the deer that we saw up on top of the revine, decided to take one of the trails just south of where I was sitting, in the stream. I saw him head toward the stream, so I let my cousin know he was coming this way. He told me to settle my nerves, to raise my gun, take it off safty. And he would try to get the deer to stop long enough to get a shot of the deer. And The deer walked in about 35 yards off away. I took the shot. The deer kicked its back legs high into the air. And I knew right away that I had a good shot on him. He ran about 45 yards, and went down. I was so excited about it. But I was happy that my cousin was there with me, I consider him to be a big brother to me. After my father saw the deer, he was very proud of me. I used my Remington 870 20 ga. youth with Williams Firesights and Winchester BRI sabots.