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Women and Youth Hunters
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Wes-Dream Hunt

Wesley was the 7th beneficiary of a dream hunt with Hunt of a Lifetime. He chose an African safari.

Hunt of a Lifetime

We would like to thank all the people who were involved in providing Wesley a chance to have his hunt of a lifetime. Some of you we know your names, many of you we do not but we thank each of you for your generous contributions.


For a child having to deal with the effects of a terminal illness, an opportunity to go to South Africa on a safari hunt was a dream come true. We arrived in South Africa on Tuesday morning, March 20, and our adventure started immediately. We did a lot of touring and learned about the country of South Africa. Wesley was given the opportunity to go paragliding. This was an amazing experience!


After a week of sightseeing, Wesley finally got to go on his big hunt. We flew down to Kimberly and drove to a hunting farm outside of Douglas. Up early in the morning, Wes sighted in his guns and we were on our way. The first animal he took was a Blesbok. Tradition is for the hunter to eat a piece of the raw liver of his first kill in South Africa, however we weren't very excited about that, so they painted his face with the blood. Wes next hunt was a surprise. Derek Keets, the outfitter, had arranged for Wes to hunt zebra and kept it a secret. We saw a zebra, and they told Wes to shoot the zebra when he was ready. Wesley looked at them with his mouth hanging open! He shot the zebra and will have a rug made of it. His next animal was the Gemsbok. The horns measured 40 inches long and will earn Wes a silver medal and a place in the SCI record book. The following day, we again went hunting. Today, Gary would get to hunt also. We were hunting for impala and Wes had taken a shot at one early in the morning and had missed. Several hours later, we found two more impala, one for Wes and one for Gary. They both shot at the same time and they both got their impala. Wesleys measured 22 inches and Garys 19 inches. Wes should receive another silver medal for the impala.


We then went hunting for springbok. There was a very large herd so it didn't take long for Wes and Gary to pick the ones they wanted and get them. They also hunted for Steenbok. They are very small animals and very quick. They were both able to get their steenboks. One of the steenboks horns measured 5 inches. This is a record so their names will go in the Rowland record book and they will receive a gold medal.


As you can see this was a successful hunt. The people of South Africa are so very nice and the country is very beautiful. We made a lot of new friends and it was hard to say good-bye on our last day. This would not have been possible without people like you, so again thank you. We hope you enjoy our pictures, they are yours to keep, as you were indeed a big part of this hunt.