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beginning guide to muzzleloaders
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Related Links


Here are some other lnks of interest. I hope you like them. I've added 2 links to this page that aren't muzzleloading related, but these 2 organizations help terminally ill children and I want to help spread the word about them. They are Wind Song Ranch and Hunt of a Lifetime.

If you know of some links of interest, email them to me, and I'll add them here. Thanks!
The "orphan Foal" link on this page is not specifically muzzleloader related, but I wanted to draw some interest to this. I learned about these horses in need earlier this year, and if you happen to be a horse lover you will understand why I wanted to include the link.

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Hunt of a Lifetime

Wind Song Ranch

Women & Youth Hunters

Women & Youth Muzzleloaders

Muzzleloader Builder's Supply

Doug's Muzzleloader Message Board

Freetrapper's Muzzleloading

Maine Powder House

TN Groundhog's Website


Crooked Hand's Web Page

Jim Chambers

Mountain State Muzzleloading

Mid-South Shooter's Supply

Auction Arms

Blackpowder Forum

Hunt America

October Country

Dixie Gun Works

The Rendezvous Page

Savage Model 10 & 10-II Message Board

The Savage model 10 & 10-II Archives Pages This website works hand in hand with the savage 10 message board.

High performance muzzleloading-built by Toby Bridges.

Log Cabin Shop

Hunt PA

Pete Ward's Outdoor World

New Regulations for the Safe Explosives Act

Learning to Flint

Orphan Foals