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beginning guide to muzzleloaders
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Becca the huntress

Becca is the daughter of one of my cyber friends. For those of you who have been through my site, you should have noticed that on the page titled photo album I have a picture of Dorn with her first elk. Dorn is Becca's mother. I received an email from Dorn telling me about Becca's turkey hunting this spring (2002) and that Becca was successful in harvesting her first turkey. So I told Dorn that if Becca would write the story of her hunt in her own words, I'd make a page on my website just for her to tell her story. So please read on for the story and pic of Becca and her gobbler. Great job Becca!


My first hunt.

My first hunt was scary. I was going turkey hunting
with my dad and my 3 big brothers Gabe, Zack and Art.
Dad got us up at 4:00 a.m. It was dark and cold when
we got there but by 7:05 it was bright and warm. I
stayed with Dad and Art but Gabe and Zack went off
together. Dad used a box call and got some hens to
walk right up to us. They scratched around our feet
and laughed at us for about 15 minutes. We had to
stay real still. It was so cool. But none of them
were toms so we couldn't shoot them.
On Day 2 Dad made us get up even earlier, at 3:30.
It felt like I just went to sleep when he woke me up.
Art was too tired so he stayed home. Gabe and Zack
went off together again and I stayed with Dad. Dad
fell asleep and started snoring. Then I heard a
gobble. I had to wake Dad up and he heard it too. He
used the box call and a jake and 6 hens came right
over. Then a tom came by so Dad shot it. He just
wounded it so he told me to shoot it. I did and it
jumped, but it didn't go down. Dad shot again and
missed it. Then he had to reload for me and I shot
again. This time I shot it in the head and the turkey
fell over and didn't get back up.
Then I heard another tom, and I told Dad. He
didn't see it but I told him where I heard it from.
He didn't believe me until it gobbled again. He told
me to stay where I was so he could go find it. He
wasn't gone too long when I heard the shotgun go off.
He came back with a big turkey. But it wasn't as big
as mine! Dad said my turkey weighed 20 pounds, but I
say it was 21. His only weighed 19 pounds.
When Gabe and Zack got back they told us that they
had been chasing a couple of toms all morning but had
to stop when the birds crossed over to where we were
sitting, they didn't want to get in our way. They
were happy that I got my first turkey, but they
couldn't believe that I had shot their turkey!
This was the first time I ever went hunting and I
really liked it. I like reminding my brothers that I
got the biggest turkey, and they didn't get anything.
I can't wait to go hunting for big game like deer and
elk, but I have to wait until I am 12.
By Rebecca Lee Navakuku as told to her mother.