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beginning guide to muzzleloaders
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Moose Milk

I am often asked for the recipe to make this lube. This is not something I invented, it was brought to my attention by another shooter and I found it works great as a patch lube.

Moose milk is made easily at home. To do so you will need the following ingredients:

Napa water soluble cutting oil (if your local napa store doesn't have it in stock the part number is 765-1526 for 1 pint)
Murphy's oil soap
1 liter water bottle
rubbing alcohol (optional)

Fill water bottle half full with WARM water. Add 2 oz. each of the water soluble oil and the murphy's oil soap. Shake well and watch it turn white. This means it is mixed. Once mixed it won't unmix. Fill bottle up with water.

If you live in or hunt in an area that has alot of sub-zero temps. you can replace the water with rubbing alcohol to prevent it from freezing.

This is a fine lube for patches and keeps fouling soft.

This is intended for a PATCH LUBE ONLY! Do not use it as a rust preventer after cleaning as the oil will absorb moisture from the atmosphere and could result in rust.