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beginning guide to muzzleloaders
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Ancient Flintlock

I need your help here. I was contacted by a person who has an ancient flintlock. Here is the information I have on the rifle and 2 pictures. Please give the page time to load. This rifle is beautiful and I didn't want to size the photos down too much as I was afraid you wouldn't be able to see the detail.
I have an ancient flintlock and am trying to find out what it may be worth.  I took it to the Royal Ontario museum in Toronto and the curator there told me that it was produced in the period 1750 - 1800 in the Ottoman empire.  Probably in Istanbul, these weapons were typically used be Jannisary soldiers. You should see this thing, it has mother of pearl, brass and silver inlay. It has a Nicolet action and the mother of pearl work is obvious in the pic, what is difficult to photograph is the intricate brass inlays and the silver work. 
Does anyone know anything about this rifle? Could you give me any information on it? If so please send me an email.

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